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Bivariate Poisson Regression in Modelling Infant and Maternal Mortality Rate in West Java Province 2014

Citra Yanuar Widayanti, Yusep Suparman and Bertho Tantular ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. Reducing infant and maternal mortality are two of the eight of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s). Nevertheless, the two goals are hardly to achieved particularly in West Java Province. Instead of decreasing, infant mortality rate in West Java Province increased from 26 infant deaths per 1000 live birth in 2010 to 34 infant deaths per 1000 live birth in 2014. The maternal mortality rate in West Java also increased from 226 maternal deaths per 100.000 live birth in 2010 to 369 maternal deaths per 100.000 live birth in 2014. .. [ Read More ]

Internet Adoption Analysis in Small and Medium Enterprises of the Tourism Coastal Areas of East Java (Case Study of Regional District Malang)

Kartika Gianina Tileng ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. This study originated from attraction of researchers about tourism and technology will be the factors which driving the Indonesian economy. One of the potential of Indonesia is a coastal tourist area since Indonesia is an archipelago. Recently the user of technology and information systems are increasingly in many ways. Researchers interests to studying how the progress of use of technology in the tourism sector, so that the outcomes of this research can provide input to the world of education on the design of technologies needed .. [ Read More ]

Normal Multivariate Based Clustering of Regencies in East Java Province-Indonesia

Emi Arifiliana, Yusep Suparman, and Enny Supartinic ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. One of the adverse effects of development in Indonesia is the incline of welfare inequality. Particularly in East Java Province, we can identify this condition among regencies and cities. In this thesis I intend to make clusters among the regencies with regards to their welfare indicators. This may help the government in giving development priority program among the regencies for reducing welfare inequality. I used the model-based clustering method to overcome over-lapping problem found in the welfare data. Based on the Bayesian .. [ Read More ]

Statistical Downscaling with Gamma Distribution and Elastic Net Regularization (Case Study : Monthly Rainfall 1981-2013 at Indramayu )

Sri Maulidia Permatasari, Anik Djuraidah, Agus M Soleh ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. Rainfall data are more than or equal zero and can be represented using Gamma distribution. In statistical downscaling the local scale rainfall data are used as the response variable to develop functional relation with global scale precipitation data of Global Circulation Model (GCM) output as the predictor variables. Generally, GCM output are multicollinear and regularization method can solve the problem. This paper develops a statistical downscaling model with the response of Gamma distribution using ridge regularizations and ela.. [ Read More ]

Elastic-Net Regularization in Statistical Downscaling to Estimate Rainfall

Dindha Fadhilah Dinati, Akbar Rizki, Aji Hamim Wigena ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. The impact of climate change and the importance of rainfall as the climate elements so that estimation of rainfall is important to be implement. The estimation of rainfall used statistical downscaling (SD) technique which utilize functional relationship approach between local scale data (rainfall) and global scale data (Global Circulation Model output-GCM). In general, GCM output data are multicollinear, so it is required a technique to overcome multicollinearity such as elastic-net regularization. The data used are GCM output abo.. [ Read More ]