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Author Budhi Handoko, Yeny Krista Franty, Sri Winarni
Category ICAS 2016
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Title The Implementation of Simulated Anealling Algortihm to Determine Preventive Maintainance Schedule
Abstract Abstract. Simulated Annealing Algorithm is one category of metaheuristic algorithm that could be
implemented to determine determine the preventive maintainance schedule. This algorithm is used to
solve the problem of optimization on three different types of fitness function in order to demonstrate the
result of schedule. Input of the algorithm consist of three components, parameters of time to failure
distribution, cost and budget, and also essential values for the algorithm. Based on the data, it is a weibull
distribution with two parameters with scale parameter lambda = 0,00144 and shape parameter beta =
1,00162. The results of the algorithm process have three recomendation of schedule.The first one, based
on the fitness function 1, the same weight of budget and reliability yield the minimum cost 35,75 million
rupiahs for maintainance activity with schedule for maintainance on 10th and 16th month. Second, using
the second fitness function, the lowest cost reached when the budget provided by the company is 64
million rupiahs, with the schedule of maintainance on 21st and 22nd month. Finally, the third fitness
function recommed the 10% required reliability in order to reach minimum cost of maintainance with the
schedule of maintainance are on the 17th, 19th, and 23rd month.
Keywords: Simulated anealling algorithm, Fitness function, metaheuristic algorithm, weibull distribution,
preventive maintaince