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Tim Admin Departemen Statistika ICAS 2016

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The Implementation of Simulated Anealling Algortihm to Determine Preventive Maintainance Schedule

Budhi Handoko, Yeny Krista Franty, Sri Winarni ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. Simulated Annealing Algorithm is one category of metaheuristic algorithm that could be implemented to determine determine the preventive maintainance schedule. This algorithm is used to solve the problem of optimization on three different types of fitness function in order to demonstrate the result of schedule. Input of the algorithm consist of three components, parameters of time to failure distribution, cost and budget, and also essential values for the algorithm. Based on the data, it is a weibull distribution with two paramet.. [ Read More ]

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Based On Given Budget Fitness Function Using Generational Genetic Algorithm

Yeny Krista Franty and Budhi Handoko ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. Cost function analysis is an important activity in order to optimize the multi objective function using genetic algorithms. This is due to the accuracy of the resulting cost of components will be part of the input to the programming process which will affect preventive maintenance schedule for components of the engine. Multi objective cost analysis in optimization will be associated with the reliability of the machine that is expected to be maximized at minimum cost. The cost analysis will also use technical economic parameters na.. [ Read More ]

The Extension of the Noetherian Conditions for Matrix

Achmad Abdurrazzaq, Ismail bin Moh and Ahmad Kadri bin Junoh ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. Let be a ring and is a set of matrix with the entries of the matrix element of ring . Set of matrix together with addition and multiplication matrix is matrix ring. Noetherian is condition of ring (resp. module) which are every ideal (resp. sub modules) fulfilled ascending chain condition. We study about Noetherian and locally Noetherian conditions for set of matrix. Some conditions that are fulfilled locally Noetherian condition of ring and module for set of matrix are proved and also proved that Noetherian module matrix is also.. [ Read More ]

Classification of Underdeveloped Regency using Probabilistic Neural Networks

Vira Wahyuningrum, Jadi Suprijadi, and Zulhanif ICAS 2016

Abstract - Abstract. One of the supporting data in the government work plan in order to realize national priorities of development of underdeveloped regency is data determining the status of regional backwardness. Determination of the status regency is a process of classifying the area as an underdeveloped regency or not. Classification cases can be resolved very quickly using computational algorithms Neural Network. Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) is one method of neural network that can be used to resolve cases of classification with very good perfor.. [ Read More ]